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The Party branch of the ecological company organized to watch the documentary "Clean Government Culture"

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2022-01-26 09:31 Number of readings:

Spring Festival is coming.,In order to further enhance the party members and cadres integrity self-discipline consciousness and vigilance consciousness,Ecological company insists on clean government education without interruption,Actively organize party members and cadres of the company to watch the joint production of Shaanxi Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and Baoji Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission,CCTV Records International Media Co., LTD., filmed and produced a large-scale documentary on the culture of Clean government "Lian Jian"。We share the first clean government "spiritual feast" online in the New Year through TV, computer, mobile phone, etc.。

As one of the "one drama one piece" clean government culture quality projects created by the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee of Shaanxi Province,依托何尊、毛公鼎等一大批国宝级文物资源,From the perspective of clean government culture to comb and excavate,Through "The Debate of the source of integrity", "the Way of Governance", "the law of Accountability", "the virtue of self-cultivation", "the love of the family and the country", "The rise and fall of the six episodes,A comprehensive display of Shaanxi's excellent traditional clean government culture and many cultural relics contained in the story of clean government,Summarize the successes and failures of anti-corruption in history,Actively draw on the valuable legacy of anti-corruption and integrity in history,It is deeply enlightening。

By watching documentaries,We recall the "discipline" calibration from the red history,Look for the "rule" code in the red gene,Learned more stories of integrity,Promote the integrity of the mind and consciousness,And have said in the future work and life to continue to strengthen the party spirit cultivation,Further strengthen ideals and convictions,Always strengthen the awareness of law and discipline,Don't touch the "high wire",Deepen the awareness of rules,Permanent cordon,Realize the consciousness of supervision,Build a strong "protection line" to jointly create a good atmosphere of clean and diligent administration and entrepreneurship。(陈卓)