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Life company held the party history study education special democratic life

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2022-03-28 10:02 Number of readings:

         On March 25, the Party branch of the ecological company held a democratic life meeting on Party history learning and education。Hui Zhe, deputy general manager of the group company, attended the meeting to guide。

会前,The Party branch of the Ecological Company carefully formulated the Implementation Plan for the Democratic Life of the Party History Learning and Education Theme.,Conscientiously organize study and discussion,Carry out in-depth heart-to-heart talks,Solicit opinions widely,Investigate the problem in depth,Further enhance awareness, unify thinking and enhance self-consciousness,Lay a solid ideological foundation for a good thematic democratic life。
At the meeting, the secretary of the Party branch of the ecological company informed the preparation of the party history learning and education of the Democratic life meeting, and made a control inspection speech on behalf of the team, in-depth investigation of the prominent problems existing in the leadership team, a profound analysis of the root cause of the problem, and proposed rectification measures。Subsequently, the team members combined with the reality, around the "five lead" aspects, one by one to find out their own problems。
Huizhe highly affirmed the effectiveness of the democratic life of the Party history learning and education theme of the ecological company。First, the preparation work is solid and sufficient, and the investigation problems are deep and profound。Ecological company leadership attaches great importance to, do a good job of preparation, team members introspection, check the problem。Second, criticism and self-criticism are serious, and the direction of rectification measures is clear。The leadership team faces the problem, goes straight to the theme, adheres to the problem orientation, and puts forward a strong landing rectification plan。
Huizhe demanded that one should take overall consideration and speed up development。It is necessary to control the general requirements of Party history learning and education, further improve the rectification measures, clarify the rectification direction, put forward the rectification time limit, combine the problem rectification with the study and education, situation analysis, reform and development, put the enterprise development in the overall situation of the whole group, the whole industry, and the country to plan, and do a solid job。Second, we must apply what we learn to promote the normalization and long-term development of Party history learning。"Learning Party history" is the premise, "understanding thoughts" is the method, "doing practical things" is the truth obtained in the first two, "opening a new bureau" is the goal, so that the road forward more dynamic。Third, we must sincerely unite to build a strong and powerful leadership core。The leadership team should think in the same place and strive to work together, establish a harmonious relationship of mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual tolerance and mutual support, go all out to do a good job in 2022, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of the Group。
The meeting also carried out further implementation, deployment and strengthening of epidemic prevention and control。(Zheng Daigo Xie Caiyan)