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    The company held how to promote the whole process of consulting service exchange seminar [2019-09-09]
    In accordance with the company's Party branch does not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission of special education activities arrangement and deployment, on September 6, the company held a special seminar on how to further promote the whole process of consulting business。Company executives, representatives of various departments, all staff of the bidding department and home party members participate...
    十大网堵平台组织党员学习 《十大正规网堵平台》[2018-10-19]
    为深入学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,按照集团要求,十大网堵平台党支部于9月7日下午,组织全体党员学习了《十大正规网堵平台》。 At the meeting, Party branch...
    Ecological company conducts pre-holiday education[2018-10-19]
    On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the Party branch of the ecological company organized all employees to carry out pre-holiday party style and clean government education on September 20 to create a festive atmosphere of clean and clean wind。 The meeting conveyed the study of the central eight provisions and the Group company's "About doing a good job in 2018....
    The Party branch of the ecological company organized and held the spirit of the "two sessions"[2018-08-15]
    On April 2, the Party branch of the ecological company held a party member conference, calling on all party members to learn the spirit of the two sessions, and 31 party members participated in the study。 At the meeting, Party branch部书记领学了两会的主要内容,传达了会议精神和主旨,强调了习近平总...
    The Party branch of the ecological company organized all party members to watch the "Blood Battle Xiangjiang"[2018-08-15]
    On July 6, the Party branch of the Ecological Company carried out the theme Party Day activities and organized all Party members to watch the major revolutionary historical film "Blood Battle Xiangjiang".。 The film reflects the Red Army on the Long March, the Communist Party of China corrected the left-leaning mistake, and led the Red Army to break through the fourth road of the Kuomintang...
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