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Notice on the launch of the 2018 Spring Games

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Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Ecological construction Management Co., Ltd. trade union committee documents
Shaanxi Ecological Industrial Development (2018) No. 1 Signed by: Hong Chuanxun

Notice on the launch of the 2018 Spring Games
Each Department (Branch company) :
        In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance the cohesion of enterprises, and promote all employees to devote themselves to the work of this year with full enthusiasm and high morale, the trade union decided to hold the Spring Games of all employees on March 2, 2018。
The programme of activities is announced as follows:
I. Activity theme:
Work hard and dare to be first
Ii. Event location:
Carbon atom movement center, Shenzhou No. 4 Road and Industrial No. 2 Road cross 100m north
Iii. Activity Arrangement:
1. See Annex 1 for the activity process and rules;
2. See Annex 2 for the list of personnel groups。
Iv. Precautions:
1. The heads of all departments shall be responsible for the company assembly and departure at 8:20. After arriving at the venue at 9:00, the company shall assemble according to the group list, and the team leader shall be responsible for the safety of the whole team;
2. After the activity starts, all members are not allowed to leave the venue at will, and should inform the group leader when going out;
3, abide by the field discipline, obey the management command, to ensure safety;
4, prepare for the activities before the game to make the body adapt to the game and prevent injury;
5. Watch the game in the designated area, behave in a civilized manner, and keep the area clean and tidy。
Annex: 1. Activity process and rules
2. Group list
(Contact person: Xue Yaqi Tel: 18701606597)
Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group ecological construction management Co., LTD. Trade union committee
    February 28, 2018
Issued by the Trade Union Committee of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Ecological Construction Management Co., Ltd. on February 28, 2018
Activity procedures and rules
The first item 9:00 group check-in, personnel count, 9:10 activities officially started;
The second speech by General Manager Pang Zhengxi;
The third speech of Hong Chuanxun, chairman of the Trade union;
The fourth fun activities start at 9:30. The order is basketball working together, playing ball into the basket (badminton), fingerboard table tennis relay, football shooting points;
Fifth 11:30 football match;
Item 6:12:00-13:00 lunch break;
Seventh event 13:00 Badminton, table tennis;14:00 Basketball game;
Item 8:15:00 The event ends, the closing ceremony, the ranking is announced, and the prizes are awarded。
Rules for competitive activities
Each competitive sport adopts the latest national unified rules, basketball four sections, each section of 10 minutes;The second half of football lasts 15 minutes each.Table tennis 11 points system, three out of five games;Badminton 21 points, three sets of two wins。
2. Rules for fun activities
1. Basketball works together
Each team sends six people to the event, at least two women, in pairs。The form of the competition is relay competition, two people hold two basketballs in their backs, transport the basketballs from the bottom line to the middle line, then bounce the ball back and make a layup. After both of them score, they relay to the next group of partners, score one goal (if they fail to score repeatedly, they can choose to give up, no points)。Each group has a total of 8 minutes, and the team with the most points wins。If the basketball drops in the middle, it must be restarted from the relay point。(Estimated total time 40-45 minutes)
2, play ball into the basket (badminton)
Each team sends six people to the event, at least two women, in pairs。One person sends a badminton ball with the racket at the serving point, and the other person receives the ball with the basket at the designated place. The server serves the ball in any position, and each person serves five balls. The receiver cannot move his feet, only the upper body, and catches the ball with the basket。If you move your feet in the process of receiving the ball, it is regarded as an invalid goal, and the total goal of the team wins。(Estimated time 20-25 minutes)
3, fingerpressure table tennis relay
Each team sends five people to the event, at least one woman。Each group gathered at the starting point, holding chopsticks, reached the designated area through the fingerpressure board to pick up the ping-pong ball, and then returned to the starting point to put the ball into the designated basket。Five minutes in total,The five started in turn,Those who start out out of turn shall be deemed to have given up the race;Every step must be on the fingerboard,If you step on an open space, you need to start again from the starting point or turning point;It is strictly forbidden to touch the table tennis ball with your hands during delivery,Must be held with chopsticks,Not to hold or hold,If it falls to the floor during delivery and final loading into the basket,Need to start again from the turnback point。The team with the most ping-pong balls in five minutes wins。(Estimated time: 30-35 minutes)
4. Football scoring
Each team sends five people to the event, at least one woman。Each team will arrange people in order to drive the ball around the obstacle pile (4) to the service point, and kick the goal with different scores (1-9 points). Each team will score one goal, and the team with the most points will win。(Estimated time 25-30 minutes) 
Group list of fun activities
The first group The second group The third group Fourth directorate Fifth directorate Sixth directorate Seventh directorate Eighth directorate Directorate nine Tenth directorate 备注
Li Xiaochuan Hao Jiaxin 严  亮 赵  亮 王  辉 白  涛 Meng Yuanbo 庞  钊 毛  格 焦  斌 队长
Pang Zhengxi Hong Chuanxun Zhou Hongjian Liang Jinghua 樊  维 Ningertine 田  蕾 Herba cistanche Ma Yongqiang Zhang Haibin
Bangs 旆 Chen Yueh 'e Wei Jihua Yu Chengjuan Lesmin 童  欣 Zhang Ziyi 辛  琪 Wang Yumeng Ma Yangmei
Hong Wenwen 李  淼 周  洁 Yu Caixia Fan Ruonan 王  静 韩  艳 Wei Xinwei Jin Yulong Fu Yushan
董  钊 Zhang Supei 高  婷 Yang Jianmin Tian Yukun Yin Wanliang Zhou Changqing Jin Hongwei Xie Chae Yeon Zhao Chenhe
Liu Pentium Zhou Tianyu 郭  磊 张  淼 Wang Jiale Zhou Zhendong Lou Xianyong 官  矫 Pay march 赵  滨
Zhang Bozhong 余  宁 刘  涵 林  涛 Sun Yiping Zhang Bowen Rather come far away Wu Xinyi Zhu Zichun Wang Huimin
李  建 Yao Youli 杨  萌 王  蕾 Gu Dongdong 李  杰 杨  欢 Li Xiaoli 罗  洋 汪  平
He Zechen 李  乐 樊  想 全  康 Qi Shenghua Yuan Zhaojing Chen Jingqiang Ji Haohao 李  旭 张  伟
Geng Kangkang 樊  瑶 Wang Haibo Li Shaole 孙  澄 王  梁 张  明 Yan Xulong Gao Jiawei Chen Yuanbo
李  宁 Huang Jiarui 李  凯 曹  琪
Staff: Gao Yubang, Xue Yaqi, Chen Rujia, Bo Tao, Guo Liming, Yue Wenqing, Wang Feng, Liang Minna
Basketball (foot) ball game flow
组名 Basketball game roster 备注
A Zhang Bozhong, Sun Yiping, Bo Tao, Wang Long, Huang Jiarui
Zhu Hailong, Liu Han, Hao Jiaxin, Gao Jiawei, Wang Liang 东区
B Wang Jiale, GAO Yubang, Tang Li, Wang Ping, ZHOU Tianyu
He Zechen, Fan Xiang, Jiao Bin, Wang Yang, ZHAO Liang 西区
组名 The roster for the football match 备注
A Pang Zhao, Yu Ning, Lin Tao, Zhu Zichun
Li Kai, Meng Yuan-bo, Fan Yao 东区
B Jiao Bin, Ducheng, Guan Jiao, Fan Xiang
Chen Rujia, WANG Jiale, ZHOU Zhendong 西区
Procedure of badminton competition
Note: Only the final is 21 points, and the rest are 11 points
Badminton group list
A Li Kai/Hong Chuantao B Xue Yaqi/Zhu Zichun C Chen Yuanbo/Zhang Bozhong
D Huimin Wang/Tianyu Zhou E Chuan-Hun Hong/You-Li Yao F Li Shao-Le/Zhang Ming
G Sun Yiping/Wei Jihua H Lou Xianyong/Mauge I Liming Kwak/Bangs 旆
J Zhang Bowen/Ning Yuanlai K LU Yao/ZHANG Haibin
Table tennis process
Personnel grouping
A: Zhao Bin - Lin Tao B: Hailong Zhu and Zhaojing Yuan
C: Wang Haibo - Wang Long D: Sun Cheng-Hao Jiaxin
E: Liming Guo - Shenghua Qi F: Quan Kang Wang Ping
G: Zhang Haibin - Yang Jianmin H: Zhao Chenhe - Wei Jihua