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Ecological company held "Enjoy it, enjoy delicious" activities

Source: Unknown 时间:2018-08-16 11:28 Number of readings:

       On March 8, in order to create a harmonious, united and warm company culture, and further improve the life skills and taste of female workers, the ecological company trade union organized a "Enjoy it, enjoy delicious" cake creative production competition。

       The main content of the activity is for female workers to make cakes by hand. The cake chef of the cake workshop is invited to bring all kinds of tools and raw materials and provide on-site guidance. Everyone actively participates in the activity and treats each production step carefully。
      After the event, everyone said that such activities are very close to life and interesting。It not only increases the opportunities for colleagues in different departments to communicate with each other, but also enhances the cohesion of the company's workforce。(Xue Yaqi)