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Notice on organizing the 2018 "March 8" Women's Day activities

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Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Ecological construction Management Co., Ltd. trade union committee documents
Shaanxi Ecological Industrial Development (2018) No.3 Signed by: Hong Chuanxun

About organizing the 2018 "March 8" Women's Day
Notice of activity
Each Department (Branch company) :
       To further enhance the company's female workers life skills and taste,Enrich the leisure cultural life of female workers,After the company's trade union research and extensive collection of female workers' opinions,During the "March 8" International Working Women's Day,Carry out "Have fun,Enjoy Delicious "cake creative making competition,We hereby inform you about the activities as follows:
First, activity time
March 8, 2018 (Thursday), 14:30-15:30
2. Activity location
West Area of Eco-Company, 19th Floor, Block C, Science Park, Jiaotong University
Iii. Participants
See Annex 1 for a full list
Iv. Activity content
1, 14:30 participants sign in;2. The activity officially starts at 14:40 (the cake workshop staff will conduct pre-competition training first, including the use of each tool and the entire cake making process);3. After the cake is made, place it centrally。Then a secret ballot (30 people who are not involved in the production are randomly selected as judges) is held to select the top three with the highest votes;4, announce the winners and award prizes, and then take a group photo。
5. Precautions
1, the staff to do a good job of health, to ensure the health of cake making;
2, please observe the discipline during the activity, after the completion of the activity, please clean up the site in time。
Annex 1: List of participants
(Contact person: Xue Yaqi Tel: 18701606597)
Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group ecological construction management Co., LTD. Trade union committee
    March 7, 2018
Issued by the Trade Union Committee of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Ecological Construction Management Co., Ltd. on March 7, 2018
List of participants
Yao Youli 童  欣 Chen Yueh 'e Zheng Xiaofeng 王  静 高  婷 胡  沛 曹  琪
Liang Jinghua 周  洁 李  淼 Shang Xiaoying Zhang Ziyi Yu Chengjuan 董  钊 Lesmin
Fu Yushan Yu Caixia 黄  玉 史  琳 Xie Caiyan Liang Minna 辛  琪 Wei Jihua
Ningertine Wang Mengmeng Jin Yulong 张  茜 田  蕾 Lu Yinlin Tian Jialing Bangs 旆
Ma Yangmei Wang Haijie Liu Zhihua 樊  雪 Wei Xinwei Liu Jiaojiao