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Eco successfully held the 2018 staff Sports Meeting

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       On March 2, 2018, the Ecologic Company trade union held the 2018 employee Spring Games with the theme of "Hard Work, Dare to compete" at the Carbon Atom Movement Factory。

       The games involved games and competition two categories of multiple projects, personnel cross-departmental teams to participate in, everyone in the arena to fight bravely, in the fierce competition not only to exchange skills, but also to enhance the communication, fully demonstrated the emphasis on participation, never give up the struggle and team spirit。There were many exciting and moving scenes at the sports meeting。The majority of cadres and workers in a cheerful and warm atmosphere collectively spent a healthy and meaningful Lantern Festival。
The company requires to take this activity as an opportunity to integrate the sportsmanship of unity, cooperation and hard work into daily work and inject new vitality into the development of the company。
(Correspondent: Yue Wenqing)