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"Poverty alleviation" Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group ecological company and Shuanghe town hand in hand

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        On July 20, the relevant person in charge of the ecological company went to the designated support unit of the group company - Shuanghe Town of Xunyang County for a project investigation。In line with the purpose of "industry serving the country and project poverty alleviation", Ecological Company actively communicated and discussed with the Shuanghe Town government in combination with its own industrial advantages, and finally reached the intention of assisting the construction of two garbage classification and treatment stations in Gaoping community and Lianhua Village in Shuanghe Town。After the completion of the treatment station will eliminate the environmental pollution caused by landfill, improve the ecological environment of human settlements;At the same time, it will provide employment opportunities for poor farmers and solve the employment problem of farmers, so as to achieve the purpose of helping poor farmers out of poverty。The ecological company will take this help as an opportunity to actively cooperate with the Shuanghe Town government in the future to fully carry out environmental sanitation integration projects in each village, and form a complete industrial chain through the comprehensive integration of resources to achieve the purpose of industrial poverty alleviation and help more poor households out of poverty。Poverty alleviation ecological company and Shuanghe town hand in hand!