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No later than the fantasy is not a false voice with the spirit of the 19th National Congress as the driving force to rapidly grow bigger and stronger ecological companies

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 No later than an empty voice
Take the spirit of the 19th National Congress as the driving force to rapidly expand and strengthen the ecological company

        党的十九大胜利闭幕了,通过认真学习领会,我深刻的认识到,习近平同志所作的十九大报告,不仅为中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦描绘了一幅宏伟蓝图,而且为实现这一蓝图提出了一系列新思想、新论断、新提法、新举措。As an important part of the Chinese Dream, the goal of ecological civilization construction of "beautiful China" was written into the political report for the first time at the 18th National Congress of the CPC。After five years of magnificent practice, especially now that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, China's ecological civilization construction has made major innovations in theoretical thinking and practical measures。作为习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的一个重要组成部分,十九大报告在生态文明建设问题上的如下理论和实践创新,特别值得我们关注。Learning to publicize and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party is the primary political task of our company at present and in the future。Here are some of my experiences:
First, the "19th National Congress" report erected a milestone in the construction of ecological civilization
        In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, there are 43 "ecological", 15 "green", 12 "ecological civilization", 8 "beautiful"...。The report runs through the socialist concept of ecological civilization, and the content of ecological civilization construction is lofty and rich, and every word is full of Chinese wisdom, every sentence is in line with China's national conditions, and every place reflects Chinese characteristics, setting up a milestone in ecological civilization construction for the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics。
        First of all, we should have a clear understanding of the problems existing in the construction of ecological civilization。From the basic principle of Marxist epistemology, problems always appear with the advancement of practice。Therefore, the existence of the problem is not terrible, terrible is that the problem exists, we do not have a clear awareness of the problem。The report to the 19th National Congress, on the basis of a review of past practice, put forward the fourteen principles that constitute the basic strategy for upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, among which it clearly states that "upholding harmonious coexistence between man and nature"。When specifically discussing the importance of the construction of ecological civilization, the report unprecedented put forward "treat the ecological environment like life" and "implement the strictest ecological environmental protection system" and other conclusions, the report even put forward the concept of "winning the blue sky defense war" when talking about efforts to solve prominent environmental problems。这一切无一不彰显出以习近平同志为核心的党中央在生态文明建设中清醒的问题意识。
        Second, we should have clear ideas and measures for solving problems in the construction of ecological civilization。The report of the 19th National Congress not only put forward the overall guiding ideology for solving the problem of ecological civilization, but also put forward practical and concrete measures。In terms of the overall guiding ideology, the report clearly puts forward that "we should create more material and spiritual wealth to meet the people's growing needs for a better life, and provide more high-quality ecological products to meet the people's growing needs for a beautiful ecological environment."。In fact, the construction of ecological civilization has been clearly included in our Party's grand blueprint of "not forgetting the original intention and bearing in mind the mission", reflecting a broader and broader governing feelings and governance vision。The important thing is that,The report puts forward detailed measures to build an ecological civilization,Such as accelerating the establishment of green production and consumption of legal systems and policy guidance;Raise pollution discharge standards,Strengthen the responsibility of polluters,Improve environmental protection credit evaluation, mandatory information disclosure, severe penalties and other systems;We completed the delineation of three control lines for ecological protection, permanent basic farmland, and urban development boundaries.Reform the ecological and environmental supervision system。
        Third, it has sent to the world China's solemn commitment to building an ecological civilization。Ecological problems are global problems。In modern times, people have thoughtlessly regarded the existence of nature only as a means for man to satisfy his needs。As a result, ecological problems such as climate warming, air and water pollution, land degradation, loss of forest resources, and sharp decline in species diversity have become increasingly prominent。The Communist Party of China has been making continuous efforts to solve global ecological problems,From actively promoting the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,到习近平同志出席气候变化巴黎大会签署《十大正规网堵平台》,At the G20 Hangzhou Summit, China and other countries reached a consensus to actively promote the entry into force of the Paris Agreement as soon as possible,To the 19th National Congress report put forward "actively participate in global environmental governance.,Implement emission reduction commitments "" Contribute to global ecological security",This is undoubtedly in the current era of environmental problems,The Communist Party of China's solemn commitment to the world。
The Report of the 19th National Congress Outlines a roadmap for green development
        The report to the 19th National Congress clearly points out that the modernization we want to build is one in which man and nature coexist in harmony. We need to create more material and spiritual wealth to meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life, and provide more quality ecological products to meet their ever-growing needs for a beautiful environment。The report of the 19th National Congress has pointed out a road map for China to promote ecological civilization and green development in the future。
First, we must strengthen environmental governance。We must resolutely fight to protect the blue sky。This year, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions will be cut by 3% respectively, and fine particulate matter (PM2) in key areas will be reduced.5) The concentration decreased significantly。First, we will speed up efforts to solve the problem of coal pollution。We will comprehensively implement comprehensive treatment of loose coal, promote clean heating in northern China in winter, replace coal with electricity and gas, and eliminate all small coal-fired boilers in built-up areas of cities at or above the prefecture level。We will comprehensively promote the treatment of pollution sources。We will launch a special campaign to control pollution in key industries。Environmental law enforcement and supervision will be strictly held accountable。Those who steal and fabricate must be severely cracked down upon;Those who fail to enforce the law or connive with them must be severely investigated.Those who fail to respond to deteriorating air quality must be held strictly accountable。Everyone has the responsibility to control smog, which depends on action and persistence。With the unremitting efforts of the whole society, the blue sky will surely increase year by year。We will strengthen the prevention and control of water and soil pollution。We will prevent and control water pollution in key river basins and pollution from non-point agricultural sources。We will carry out detailed surveys of soil pollution and formulate and implement treatment measures on a classified basis。We will strengthen comprehensive environmental improvement in urban and rural areas and implement a garbage classification system。It is necessary to change the traditional model of economic development at the expense of the ecological environment, foster and strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection industries, and achieve a win-win situation between environmental improvement and economic development。
        Second, accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism for environmental control。习近平总书记指出,“既要金山银山,又要绿水青山。Green water and green mountains need green development, not not development。To maintain clean water and green mountains, we need a scientific way of economic development。The report to the 19th National Congress clearly pointed out that we should build an environmental governance system with the government as the lead, enterprises as the main body, and social organizations and the public participating, raise pollution discharge standards, strengthen the responsibility of polluters, and improve the system of environmental protection credit evaluation, mandatory information disclosure, and severe penalties。At present, it is urgent to establish a long-term mechanism for environmental control,Let environmental control play a guiding role in green development,Effectively guide the transformation and upgrading of enterprises,Promote technological innovation,Go green,We will also encourage the development of green industries,We will strengthen energy conservation, environmental protection, clean production, and clean energy industries,Make the green industry an alternative industry,Relay economic growth。Appropriate environmental regulations can promote enterprises to carry out more innovative activities. Technological innovation will improve enterprise productivity, offset the rising cost caused by environmental regulations, improve product quality and enhance enterprise competitiveness。Therefore, environmental control needs to adopt different environmental control measures for different enterprises, different industries and different regional types, so as to take into account economic growth and enterprise competitiveness, and achieve the development goal of taking into account both green mountains and mountains。
        Third, comprehensively deepen institutional innovation for green development。The report to the 19th National Congress pointed out that it is necessary to establish and practice the concept that clear waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains。Clear water and green mountains not only require excellent environmental quality, but also need ecological health protection。To realize that green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains, we must promote the capitalization of green products and ecological services, so that green products and ecological products can become productive forces, so that ecological advantages can be transformed into economic advantages。At present, we should comprehensively deepen the institutional innovation of green development。First, improve the institutional design of green industry, build a market-oriented green technology innovation system, strengthen the economic incentives for green technology innovation and green production through the internalization of environmental externalities, promote the promotion and application of green technology and green production, and make it a new economic growth point。The second is to improve the system design of green consumption, accelerate the establishment of green consumption legal system and policy guidance, to make green, ecological become the new orientation of life consumption, so that high-quality ecological products become part of the added value, so that green water and green mountains really become the natural productive forces to promote economic growth。Third, improve the institutional design of green finance to make the financial system a supporting platform for the green transformation of the economic system。Fourth, reform the ecological environment supervision system and improve the ecological environment management system。The report to the 19th National Congress clearly requires the establishment of state-owned natural resource assets management and natural ecological supervision agencies, unified exercise of all territorial space use control and ecological protection and restoration responsibilities, unified exercise of urban and rural pollution emissions and administrative law enforcement responsibilities。
Third, the "19th National Congress" has brought rare development opportunities for the environmental protection industry
       The successful convening of the 19th National Congress marked that China's socialist construction has entered a new era, and also pointed out the direction for the development of various industries in the next five years。The 19th National Congress pointed out that ecological and environmental issues have been explicitly included as the principal contradiction in the primary stage of socialism, that is, the principal contradiction in Chinese society has been transformed into the contradiction between the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development。The goal of fully completing China's ecological civilization construction by the middle of this century has been proposed, and four major tasks have been deployed: promoting green development, managing prominent environmental problems, strengthening ecosystem protection and reforming the ecological environment supervision system。This means that the successful holding of the 19th National Congress has elevated environmental protection to an unprecedented height, and environmental protection as a policy-driven industry will get unprecedented development。According to the relevant information of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment,
        First of all, air pollution control contains huge business opportunities。Air pollution is still the most concerned environmental problem。It is understood that by the end of 2016, the country has put into operation thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization unit capacity of about 8.800 million kilowatts, accounting for 83 percent of the country's thermal power unit capacity.8%, accounting for 93 percent of the country's coal power unit capacity.6%。In 2016, the capacity of flue gas denitrification units in coal-fired power plants was about 0.600 million kilowatts;By the end of 2016, the capacity of flue gas denitrification units of thermal power plants has been put into operation.100 million kilowatts, accounting for 86 percent of the country's thermal power unit capacity.7%。According to public data,At present, the desulfurization market has stabilized,After 2013, the installed capacity growth rate of desulfurization units has been maintained at about 11%;The construction of denitration facilities in coal-fired power plants was mainly concentrated between 2009 and 2015,As the national air pollution regulations and standards become more and more stringent,The next five to ten years will be a key period for China's air pollution control,Market capacity will continue to grow at around 11%。The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, PRC will revise emission standards for steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, thermal power, boilers and coking industries。The revision of the standard will accelerate the release of the market value of atmospheric environmental protection management in the non-electric market。According to the calculation of Zhongtai Securities, according to the rough calculation of various sub-sectors, the future demand for industrial air environmental protection management is about 212 billion yuan。
       Secondly, water pollution control will grow explosively in the next five years。"Water pollution Control Action Plan" (industry known as "water ten") requirements,2017年,The sewage in the built-up areas of municipalities directly under the Central government, provincial capitals, and separately planned cities has basically been fully collected and fully treated;The year 2020,Black and odorous water bodies in built-up areas of cities at prefecture level and above shall be controlled within 10%;The year 2030,Urban black and smelly water bodies have been eliminated。Up to now, there are still more than 1,000 black and smelly water bodies that have not been completed。In 2017, the market size of China's water treatment industry will reach 280 billion yuan, the future level of China's urban sewage treatment rate will be greatly improved, greatly driving the domestic sewage treatment market demand, the next five years (2017-2021) average annual compound growth rate of about 43.By the end of 2020, urban sewage treatment facilities will be fully covered, the urban sewage treatment rate will reach 95%, and the utilization rate of recycled water in cities and counties will be further improved。With the improvement of people's environmental awareness and the enhancement of state support, the "Water Ten" requires that all counties and key towns in the country have sewage collection and treatment capacity in 2020, and rural sewage treatment will become the next blue ocean after urban sewage treatment。According to the information of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the strategy adopted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the next step of rural sewage treatment is the key promotion and echelon promotion approach, which is roughly 1.600 million rural sewage has not been treated, according to the investment of 10,000 yuan per household, the construction investment market space reached 1.6 trillion yuan。
       Third, the golden age of waste incineration disposal has arrived。According to the latest national statistics show that by the end of 2015, the proportion of domestic waste incineration in cities nationwide has reached 37.97%, the rest of the municipal solid waste in sanitary landfills or other forms of harmless treatment。By 2020, China's waste incineration rate will reach 50%。Under the promotion of national policies, the new scale of domestic waste treatment plants is accelerating, and the scale under construction is constantly improving。At present, the competition for the waste incineration market has gradually shifted from first-tier cities to second and third-tier cities, and the eastern region has shifted to the central and western regions。China's first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen incineration treatment accounted for nearly 40%, and some first-tier cities incineration accounted for more than 50%。The situation of garbage incineration and horse enclosure is obvious。With the increase of urbanization rate, a large number of people pour into the city, and a large amount of waste generated drives the demand for waste incineration power generation。It is expected that by 2020, the domestic waste incineration processing capacity will reach 59.140,000 tons/day, the "13th Five-Year" period of domestic waste incineration capacity compound growth rate will reach 22%, the industry is expected to continue high growth。Considering the engineering, equipment and operation market, the total market size of waste incineration during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period reached 253.8 billion yuan。
Fourth, under the guidance of the spirit of the "19th National Congress", we will build a leading enterprise in ecological construction
       The report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, developing a mixed-ownership economy, and cultivating world-class enterprises with global competitiveness。The report links the deepening of SOE reform with the development of a mixed-ownership economy and the cultivation of world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, providing new guidance for SOE reform in the new era。Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group Ecological construction Management Co., Ltd. is the group ecological sector company,We will earnestly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress,Fully implement the decisions of the Group Party Committee,Adhere to the goal of becoming stronger and better,Adhere to the "environmental protection for the people, industry to serve the country" enterprise purpose,Focus on the development vision of "Building a leading enterprise in China's environmental protection industry",Close focus on the province's ecological civilization construction key and difficult issues,Closely around the "one body and two wings", to expand the "eight industries",Namely: around the environmental supervision, water protection services, project supervision, bidding agency, environmental protection planning and other consulting business "one",To expand and strengthen the environmental restoration and environmental protection projects, urban and rural domestic waste and domestic sewage comprehensive disposal PPP projects for the "two wings" strategic layout,Capture the market quickly, Improve management level,No later than fantasy,Not subject to booing,Step by step, as soon as possible to build the ecological company into a national environmental protection industry leader。
       First, strive to expand the "whole process engineering consulting" business。Recently, the "Opinions of The General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of the Construction Industry" proposed to "cultivate the whole process of engineering consulting", which is the first time in the whole industry chain of construction projects to clarify the concept of "whole process engineering consulting"。We should continue to consolidate and expand environmental supervision, water protection services, project supervision, bidding agency, environmental protection planning business, to ensure that the province's environmental supervision, water protection services leading position is not shaken。We should vigorously expand the whole process of engineering consulting,It comprehensively involves the management services of planning consultation, preliminary feasibility study, engineering design, bidding agency, cost consultation, project supervision, pre-construction preparation, construction process management, completion acceptance and operation warranty and other stages in the whole life cycle of construction projects,Strive to improve the quality of service,To build a well-known brand of ecological company "whole process engineering consulting"。
      Second, accelerate the expansion of ecological restoration business。We should seize the historical opportunity of "strengthening ecological restoration and focusing on solving prominent environmental problems" in accelerating the construction of ecological civilization at the 19th National Congress, and rapidly expand the ecological restoration section with ecological restoration in river basins, environmental restoration in mines, and soil restoration as the main body。First of all, it is necessary to promote the ecological control project of Yanhe Baobao Section, the Huanglong River pollution control project of Luonan County and the comprehensive control project of heavy metal pollution of farmland soil in Miliang Town of Zhen 'an County with high quality and high standards, and strive to build it into a model project in the field of ecological restoration in the province。其次,加快推进临潼三里河、紫阳蒿坪河等生态修复项目的跟踪、包装,确保2018年新签生态修复合同2.With 0 billion yuan, the brand and flag of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Ecological Construction Company will be planted in the commanding heights of the ecological restoration industry in Shaanxi and even the northwest region as soon as possible。
        Third, accelerate the integration of urban and rural sanitation projects。To do a good job in the comprehensive disposal of urban and rural domestic waste and domestic sewage PPP project is the fundamental way for ecological companies to grow bigger and stronger and achieve sustainable development。2018年,Ecological company will do the following three major events: First, accelerate the application and pilot construction of four signed cooperation agreement projects in Zhen 'an County, Lintong District, Gaoling County and Fuxian County,Promote the early signing of PPP contracts in the four counties,And build it into the province's urban and rural domestic waste and domestic sewage comprehensive disposal PPP project model,To expand the influence of ecological companies in the industry;The second is to accelerate the planning and packaging of PPP projects in six counties, including Sanyuan County, Danfeng County and Xunyang County,Ensure the early implementation of the project;Third, we should do a good job in planning the investment and financing of PPP projects as soon as possible,We should strengthen communication and coordination with group planning department, finance department and investment company,At the same time, it actively connects with banks and other financial institutions,Ensure the smooth implementation of PPP projects。
        Fourth, we should make every effort to do a good job in ecological and environmental planning。Ecological construction planning and ecological red line delineation Ecological companies carry out ecological restoration and ecological construction basis。This year, our province will preliminarily complete the delineation of ecological red lines in municipal administrative areas,It is expected that the delineation of the ecological red line will be extended to the county level in 2018,This business has the characteristics of strict policy requirements, high technical requirements and tight time requirements,It is a major opportunity for our company's planning institute to show its comprehensive strength and gain market recognition,We will efficiently and high-quality finish the ecological red line demarcation of Shangluo, Ankang, Baoji and Tongchuan cities,And actively delineate the ecological red line of the province,Truly become the leading enterprise of ecological planning industry in our province。
Fifth, accelerate the establishment of a modern enterprise management system。We need to establish a system of technological innovation with enterprises as the main body, the market as the guide and deep integration of industry, universities and research institutes, promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, strengthen the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights, train a large number of world-class scientific and technological leaders and high-level innovation teams, and constantly enhance scientific and technological innovation and competitiveness。Mixed-ownership reform should be an important breakthrough,Promote the diversification of property rights;Centering on the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system,To standardize the construction of the board of directors as the core,Promote the standardization of corporate governance;Accelerate the conversion of existing managers to market status,Promote market-oriented selection and employment;We will accelerate the listing of enterprises,Promote asset securitization;We will actively explore the reform of the salary system,We will make incentives and constraints more scientific。(Pang Zhengxi, Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Ecological Construction Management Co., LTD., General Manager and Party Branch Secretary, 13992846598)