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The sanitation company conveys the spirit of Learning Group's "Three years" activity and focuses on the annual task promotion meeting

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-08-23 11:05 Number of readings:


      Recently, the sanitation company held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the learning Group's "three years" activity promotion meeting, and made arrangements to implement the spirit of the meeting in combination with the company's production and operation。
      As requested by the meeting,一是All cadres and staff should effectively improve their standing, take the "three years" activity as the key starting point, and go all out to complete the annual target tasks;二是Strengthen the receivables settlement work, consolidate the responsibility to implement, and help the company rescue;三是Take the initiative to actively explore the market, increase the layout of the sanitation business market, select high-quality projects;四是Change style, strong quality, strengthen target traction, promote the list, implement the responsibility content to the post, to the people, to the matter, further improve the efficiency of work, and promote the landing of key work。(Zhang Xiuxiu)