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    Experience sharing and exchange contributed to | Finance Department of Ecological company to carry out internal exchange training[2023-03-06]
    In order to continuously improve the refinement and standardization of the financial management of ecological companies, improve the business level and work efficiency of financial personnel。Recently, the financial Department of Ecological Company has organized and carried out a series of special training on standardizing financial reimbursement and accounting processing, and financial file management...
    Ecological company to carry out project and construction project management knowledge training[2023-03-03]
    In order to accurately control and identify project risks, on March 2, Ecological Company carried out training on project and construction project management knowledge。 This training mainly focuses on project management system, engineering project management mode, engineering project risk analysis, project risk control and other aspects...
    Ecological company held investment project promotion meeting[2023-02-23]
    In order to speed up the construction of investment projects and effectively solve the problems existing in investment projects, on February 20, the ecological company organized the first investment project promotion meeting in 2023, which was attended by the Ministry of Investment Development, the Ministry of Business Management and the main persons in charge of each project company...
    Ecological Corporation held the 2022 annual Democratic meeting[2023-02-23]
    On February 22, the Party branch of the ecological company held the 2022 annual democratic life meeting, and all the leaders attended the meeting, and Huizhe, deputy general manager of the Group company, attended the meeting to guide。 Before the meeting, the Party branch of the ecological company seriously organized study and discussion, deeply carried out heart-to-heart talks, and was extensive...
    Ecological company to organize after the holiday to resume work safety supervision and inspection[2023-02-10]
    为落实中省市、集团关于复工复产会议以及文件精神,确保公司Safe production形势稳定向好,近期,十大网堵平台对渭南市富平庄里环卫运营项目、安康市紫阳县小米溪沟污水应急处理项目和西...
    Gather strength and drum energy 踔厉 work hard to start the new ecological company held after the festival meeting[2023-02-01]
    On January 30, the ecological company organized a post-holiday retreat meeting to mobilize all cadres and workers to boost morale, clarify ideas, and seriously plan, deploy, promote and implement the 2023 work with a new attitude and outlook to ensure a good start and a good step。 Meeting requirement...
    Yichuan County Housing and Construction Bureau awarded Qinyi Company the honorary title of "Advanced Unit of Safety Production in 2022"[2023-01-16]
    Recently, at the 2022 annual safety production work conference held by Yichuan County Housing and Construction Bureau, Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group (Yan 'an) Qinyi Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of advanced unit of safety production work in 2022 and commended。 For a year, Qin Yigong...
    The sanitation company held the 2022 annual conference[2023-01-16]
    On January 15, the sanitation company held the 2022 staff briefing conference, and all employees of various departments and projects attended the meeting, and Zhao Liang, executive director of the sanitation company, presided over the meeting。 The meeting listened to the overall work completion of the sanitation company in 2022 and the 2023 work plan。全...
    Ecological Company held the 2022 annual middle management staff review meeting[2023-01-15]
    On January 13, the ecological company held the 2022 annual middle management personnel briefing meeting。 At the meeting, 29 middle managers briefed the conference on their work performance in 2022 and work plan in 2023 in combination with their own business, showing their achievements, highlighting highlights, finding gaps and talking about their plans...
    Zhongheng Company held the 2022 annual review meeting[2023-01-13]
    On the afternoon of January 12, Zhongheng Company held the 2022 debriefing conference in the conference room on the 11th floor, General Manager Jiao Bin presided over the meeting, and Comrade An Xiaojin, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Ecological company and representatives of functional departments attended the meeting。 At the meeting, all the staff carried out a work report in turn, yes...
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