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Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group held the 2023 work conference and the second second staff Congress

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Gather the wisdom of all people to decide good policies and pool all efforts to seek development。On March 7, Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group held the 2023 work conference and the second second Staff Congress in the form of video conference。大会以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,Conscientiously study, publicize and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,贯通落实习近平总书记来陕考察重要讲话重要指示,Review and summarize the work in 2022,Analyze and judge the current situation,Arrangements to deploy 2023 work,Mobilize unity of thought and confidence in the group,Full of energy, continue to struggle,Strive to promote the group's high-quality development to take greater steps。

Entrusted by the provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Gao Xiang, Chief engineer of nuclear safety of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, and Li Qiang, Director of Science and Technology Finance Department, attended the meeting。Comrade Xiong Lianghu attended the meeting and delivered a speech,Group Company Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, director, General manager Gu Fengzuo 2023 "Work Report",Deputy General Manager Liu Qiang read the "2022 Annual Business Performance Assessment Results",Deputy General Manager Li Zhao read the "2022 Annual Safety and Environmental Protection Work Assessment Results",Party Committee member, deputy general manager Li Dawei read the advanced collective and advanced team commendation decision。Group company leaders Zhao Jianwen, Hui Zhe, Tao Shiyong, Zhang Li, Liu Qinggang attended the meeting。Hao Junliang, member of the Party Committee and vice chairman of the group, presided over the meeting。



Xiong Lianghu speaks


Xiong Lianghu pointed out that 2022 is a very unusual and difficult year in the development of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group。The Group faces intricate internal and external situation and increasingly fierce competition environment,坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,深入学习贯彻党的二十大精神和习近平总书记来陕考察重要讲话重要指示,Always adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability,Focus on the vision of "building China's environmental protection industry leader",Under the strong leadership of the provincial Party Committee and provincial government,Under the supervision and guidance of the provincial SASAC and the Provincial Ecological Environment Department,To promote the high-quality development of enterprises as the main line,Take the three-year SOE reform campaign as a starting point,We will fully implement the general requirement that the epidemic should be contained, the economy should be stable and development should be safe,The Group has a more stable index ranking among provincial enterprises,Among provincial enterprises, it ranks 13th in investment, 14th in profit and 17th in tax payment,Revenue margin reached 6.6%, the leading position of the province's environmental protection industry is more stable, and has made positive contributions to the province's ecological environmental protection cause and the development of environmental protection industry。

Xiong Lianghu put forward three opinions on focusing on the main responsibility, building a first-class enterprise, and striving to promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group:一是To promote high-quality development, we must put "loyalty" in the first place。It is necessary to implement the defense of the "two establishment" into action, to implement the mind of the "big country" into action, and to promote the "same frequency resonance" into action。二是To promote high-quality development, we must take "clean" as the foundation。It is necessary to fully implement all requirements for building Party conduct and clean government, firmly carry out special actions to improve style of work, and deeply promote the construction of clean state-owned enterprises。三是To promote high-quality development, we must fulfill our responsibility to the end。Always keep in mind their own positioning, with indomitable responsibility, and strive to create a corporate culture of continuous struggle。

熊良虎号召全集团干部职工更加紧密地团结在以习近平同志为核心的党中央周围,Under the strong leadership of the provincial Party Committee and provincial government,Firm confidence, forge ahead,Start for a bright future,Strive to create a new performance worthy of The Times and worthy of the trust,Strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group to make greater contributions。


Gu Feng gave a report


Gu Feng made a work report to the conference entitled "Focusing on the construction of first-class enterprises and striving to Promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group"。The report pointed out that in 2022, the Group focused on the main responsibility and main business, deepened enterprise reform, optimized industrial layout, and improved operational efficiency, and completed the goals and tasks determined at the beginning of the year。Fixed asset investment achieved in the whole year 8.2.6 billion yuan, revenue 32.0.5 billion yuan, total profit 2.100 million yuan, exceeded the target task issued by the provincial SASAC for eight consecutive years。

In 2022, the Group will help the province to reduce sulfur dioxide 13.580,000 tons, nitrogen oxide 2.350,000 tons, smoke dust 234.630,000 tons, volatile organic compounds 1.710,000 tons;Treat 86.61 million tons of domestic sewage, 39.49 million tons of industrial sewage, and reduce chemical oxygen demand4.770,000 tons, ammonia nitrogen 0.270,000 tons;Disposal of general solid waste 425.610,000 tons, hazardous waste 26.110,000 tons, comprehensive utilization of general solid waste 36.820,000 tons, in the province's blue sky, clear water, pure land three major defense war and the ecological protection of the Qinling Mountains contributed due strength。

The report puts forward the goal of 2023: to achieve operating revenue 39.1.5 billion yuan, total profit 2.100 million yuan, fixed asset investment 4.4.1 billion yuan, research and development investment 0.500 million yuan, cost expense margin 5.64%, asset-liability ratio 77%, operating income profit margin 5.4%, return on equity 5.6%, total labor productivity of 20.57, accounts receivable turnover ratio 1.35。

For the key tasks for 2023, the report emphasizes that一是We will strengthen institutions and lay a solid foundation for high-quality development。We should take 2023 as the first year of the group's high-quality development system, and promote production and management by solidifying and optimizing the system。二是We will strengthen project implementation and activate high-quality development engines。It is necessary to closely combine the province's "high-quality project promotion Year" activities, formulate the group's activity plan, and establish the project list in accordance with the 2023 investment plan。三是Strengthen operation management and consolidate the cornerstone of high-quality development。We should continue to control costs, increase benefits and improve quality through operation management to promote high-quality development of enterprises。四是Strengthen market development and accelerate the pace of high-quality development。It is necessary to seize the favorable opportunities of the province's "Business environment Breakthrough Year" activities, vigorously expand the market, stabilize the stock, and expand the increment。五是We will strengthen the empowerment of science and technology to increase the driving force for high-quality development。We need to plan innovation from an overall perspective and foster new driving forces for high-quality development。六是We will strengthen reform and innovation to stimulate high-quality development。It is necessary to adhere to self-innovation, strive to promote the listing of enterprises, deepen the reform of the "three systems", and efficiently promote digital transformation。七是We will strengthen risk prevention and control and secure the bottom line of high-quality development。It is necessary to adhere to the bottom line thinking, prevent problems before they occur, and build high-quality development barriers。八是Strengthen style improvement, practice high-quality development responsibility。It is necessary to closely combine the province's "Cadres style ability Improvement Year" activities, formulate group plans, take multiple measures, combine prevention and punishment, and strive to create a cadre team with excellent style and ability to improve。



Gao Xiang's speech


Gao Xiang conveyed the spirit of the province's ecological and environmental protection work conference。He pointed out that as the first provincial enterprise in the country and the only one in the province dedicated to ecological protection and pollution control, the environmental protection Group has made outstanding contributions to the cause of ecological and environmental protection in the province。

Gao Xiang asked,一是Pay close attention to the new environmental protection policy and do a good job in policy research。It is necessary to continue to study policies, carry out industrial layout as early as possible, and promote high-quality development。二是Strengthen scientific and technological support to boost the development of enterprises。Accelerate the construction of new energy development and utilization projects, actively participate in the province's energy industry chain - carbon emission reduction and "double carbon" standard system construction, and give play to the technical service advantages of the environmental protection industry。三是Highlight project construction and strive for financial support。It is necessary to take the province's "high-quality project construction Year" activity as an opportunity, based on solving the pain points and difficult problems of regional environmental governance in the province, to provide comprehensive treatment programs, create demonstration projects, and achieve economic and ecological benefits "win-win" as the starting point, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises。

▲ Advanced collective

▲ Quality and Efficiency Award

Award for Deepening Reform

▲ Outstanding contribution Award


▲ Exchange speech


▲ Sign the target responsibility letter on site


The meeting won the 2022 "Advanced collective" Sanqin Environmental Protection Co., LTD., Oil and Gas Company, Water Environment Company, Dingfeng Mining Company and won the "Quality and Efficiency Award" Zhongsheng Company, Water Environment Company, oil and gas Company, park development company, Sanqin Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. and Environmental Protection company,"Deepening Reform Award" Zhongsheng Company, Water Environment Company, biotechnology company, green energy company,The "Outstanding Contribution Award" of Liu Yulong Team of Zhongsheng Company, Dai Liang team of Water Environment Company, Sun Zhenmin team of Dingfeng Mining Company, Yan Zhaozhi team of investment company, Tian Haiming team of Park development company, Chen Yang team of Baolong Company, Ji Feng team of Research Institute company, Liang Yugui team of biotechnology company and Liu Weidong team of Green Energy company were commended。Sanqin Environmental Protection Co., LTD., Oil and Gas Company and Dingfeng Mining Company respectively made exchanges and speeches on the "Double hundred Action", improving quality and efficiency, and project construction。The meeting reviewed and adopted the relevant report of the Staff Congress, and signed the Economic Target Responsibility Letter for 2023 and the Safety and Environmental Protection Target Responsibility Letter.。



Hao Junliang presided over the meeting


When presiding over the meeting, Hao Junliang put forward three requirements on implementing the spirit of the meeting:一要Focus on implementing the overall situation。It is necessary to deeply integrate into the overall situation of environmental pollution prevention and control in the province, closely focus on the group's "13710" strategic layout, accurately focus on the various tasks arranged by the meeting, and ensure that the group improves its position in the overall situation of high-quality development, pinpoints its positioning, and demonstrates its achievements。二要Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities。It is necessary to carefully organize and make thorough arrangements to quickly set off the upsurge of learning and implementing the spirit of the conference。It is necessary to decompose the annual objectives and tasks at various levels, decompose the tasks to the month, implement them to the day, and consolidate them to the people, really pass on the heavy responsibility and pressure, boost the confidence and energy, and promote the formation of a strong joint force that gathers together to grasp the implementation and unites for development。三要Keep your eyes on the prize。We must firmly establish the ideological consciousness that the beginning is the decisive battle and the start is the sprint,Vigorously promote the "diligent, strict, fine and honest" work style,With a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission,Keep your eyes on the target,Go all out to implement,Ensure a good start to the first quarter,Lay a solid foundation for the completion of the annual target tasks。

All departments and subordinate units of the headquarters of the Group company are mainly responsible for comrades and employee representatives to attend the meeting in the main venue。Members of the leading team of subordinate units and employee representatives attended the meeting in the video sub-venue。Journalists from Shaanxi Daily, Mass News Network, Shaanxi Workers' Daily, Huashang Daily and other mainstream media in the province were invited to attend the meeting。(黄茜)