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Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group leaders in Beijing enterprises to investigate energy conservation and emission reduction work

Source: Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group 时间:2023-04-17 15:33 Number of readings:


From April 12 to 14, Liu Qinggang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group, led a team to inspect relevant enterprises in Beijing.Learn fromEnergy conservation and emission reduction,Experience in the fields of energy efficiency improvement and digital dual-carbon construction in public institutions。

Liu Qinggang and his line firstMCC construction high-tech engineeringCompany, Beijing Control Water GroupInstitute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences,China Energy Conservation Standard Technology Service Co., LTD., Beijing Boya Smart Technology Co., LTD., Beijing Hengtai Nenglian Technology Development Co., LTDDiscussion and exchange。

At the symposium,Relevant units introduced the company profile, technical means, operation mode and successful cases respectively, discussed the further improvement of public institutions' energy efficiency improvement transformation, comprehensive energy design and digital dual carbon work, and exchanged views on the development and problems encountered in some projects of the group, and jointly explored solutions。

Group company strategic planningMinistry, poverty alleviation company responsible comrades participated in the inspection。(Liu Pengchao and Yu Changqing)