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Shaanxi Provincial Department of Ecological Environment on improving the province's ecological environment governance ability to promote high-quality development of several measures

Source: Department of Ecology and Environment of Shaanxi Province 时间:2019-09-11 09:33 Number of readings:


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Several Measures of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Ecological Environment on Improving the Province's ecological environment governance Ability and Promoting High-quality DevelopmentIt has been reviewed and adopted at the 16th meeting of the Party Group of the Department in 2019, and it is now issued to you, please comply with it。
Shaanxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment
August 19, 2019
Shaanxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment
To improve the province's ecological environment governance capacity Several measures to promote high-quality development
First, deepen the reform of the EIA approval system
1.Further devolve the EIA approval authority, and grant Yulin City the provincial EIA approval authority。In addition to delegating the approval authority in 2018, the EIA approval authority for coal, oil and gas development, expressways, urban rail transit, automobile manufacturing, social undertakings and other projects will be delegated to all cities divided into districts。On this basis, the provincial-level approval authority will be gradually delegated to other district-divided cities with the ability to undertake。
2.To further improve the efficiency of EIA examination and approval, for industrial parks that have prepared planned environmental impact statements and have passed the examination of the ecological environment department,Support construction projects that meet the requirements to simplify the environmental impact assessment content。For a number of projects that do not involve toxic, harmful and dangerous goods warehousing, logistics and distribution, which basically do not have an impact on the ecological environment,Unified no longer carry out EIA managementFurther simplify the EIA approval procedures,On the premise of complying with the provisions of laws and regulations, the opinions of the competent authorities will no longer be the preconditions for approval of projects involving statutory protected areas。The requirements for application and approval will be streamlined, and only four contents including application documents, EIA documents, information disclosure instructions, and public participation instructions will be retained。Pilot projects with low environmental impact and controllable risks will simplify EIA procedures。
Second, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure
3.Speed up the preparation of "three lines, one order" (namely, the red line of ecological protection, the bottom line of environmental quality, the line of resource utilization, and the list of ecological environment access), to provide scientific guidance for all localities to optimize the layout of economic development and promote industrial restructuring。
4.We will improve examination and approval services, and provide early intervention and full service for major infrastructure projects, major industrial projects, and major livelihood projects that are conducive to the transformation of the economic development model。To guide cities that do not meet the standards of atmospheric environmental quality to prepare plans to meet the standards, formulate alternative lists of reduction, and free up environmental capacity for the implementation of more low-energy, low-emission and low-pollution projects。
5.Guided by the "marketization, specialization and industrialization" of ecological and environmental pollution control, we will actively promote the establishment and improvement of the "third-party environmental pollution control" model, which organically combines the polluter's payment, third-party treatment and pollutant discharge permit system。We will fully implement preferential policies to encourage the development of ecological and environmental protection industries, and support the development of new forms of ecological and environmental protection services, such as energy-saving and environmental protection technology consulting, cleaner production auditing, product certification, and entrusted operation of energy-saving and environmental protection facilities。
Third, optimize the management of total pollutant discharge
6.We will implement a commitment system for the total amount of construction projectsFor construction projects that obtain the total amount index through trading, the total amount index acquisition is no longer used as the preliminary procedure for EIA approval, and enterprises can apply for EIA approval after making a commitment to the ecological environment department to obtain the total amount index before the project is put into operation。
7.Give full play to the role of tax co-governance and regulation, levy environmental protection taxes strictly in accordance with pollutant emissions, pay more for more emissions, pay less for less emissions, and guide enterprises to reduce pollutant emissions。
Fourth, reform the emission trading management system
8.We will comprehensively implement the reform of the emission permit system, delegate to provincial-level levels the authority to review emissions trading, and make municipal levels responsible for reviewing the qualifications of enterprises under their jurisdiction for emissions trading。In accordance with the List of Classified Management of Pollutant Discharge Permits for Fixed Pollution Sources, the scope of paid use and trading of pollutant discharge rights has been reduced from all new reconstruction and expansion projects in the past to enterprises, public institutions and other producers and operators that implement key and simplified management of pollutant discharge permits。
9.Gradually establish a market-oriented allocation mechanism of environmental resources led by the "secondary market", and implement total volume index trading among enterprises for the reduction of pollutant emissions generated through pollution control and technological transformation and upgrading, so as to reduce the economic cost of regional pollution control。
Fifth, strictly regulate ecological and environmental law enforcement
10.In accordance with the principle of territorial management and shifting the focus down, the law enforcement responsibilities of the comprehensive law enforcement teams of ecological environmental protection at the provincial, city and county levels should be reasonably divided.Reduce the level of law enforcement and avoid multiple and repeated law enforcement
11.We will comprehensively review, streamline and standardize law enforcement matters, strengthen governance at the source of administrative penalties and administrative coercive matters, implement a list management system for law enforcement matters, and implement a system of law enforcement publicity, whole-process records and legal review of major law enforcement decisions, so as to continuously improve the effectiveness of law enforcement。
12.Strengthen the sense of service, take the initiative to help and guide enterprises to find and rectify the weak links and prominent problems in pollution control, help enterprises to implement environmental responsibility, and support enterprises to meet the standards of legal production。For enterprises that have committed ecological environmental violations for the first time and have minor problems, they shall be given a certain rectification period as appropriate.Avoid simple behaviors such as "punishment first and rectification later" or "substituting punishment for reform";For general ecological environmental violations, cautiously use sealing, seizure and other measures, and strictly prohibit "all high penalties" and other practices。
6. Coordinate and standardize supervision, inspection and assessment
13.We will further change our work style, resolutely overcome formalism and bureaucracy, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises and the grassroots, ensure normal production and orderly daily work, and coordinate and standardize supervision, inspection and assessment work。The special assessment of ecological environmental protection is integrated into the assessment of the battle against pollution prevention and control, and is no longer carried out separately。
14.Ecological and environmental protection inspectors and daily supervision,The "one-size-fits-all" approach of "shutting down all" and "stopping first" is strictly prohibitedResolutely avoid using ecological environmental protection as an excuse for emergency shutdown, shutdown and other simple and crude acts。For enterprises that are law-abiding and trustworthy in the ecological environment, adopt "inclusive and prudent" supervision, reduce the frequency of inspections and improve the credit rating of enterprises;Cities, counties and enterprises with obvious rectification can not be inspected, so that "nothing does not disturb"。
15.We will actively explore and implement a differentiated environmental supervision model with comprehensive performance evaluation as the main content, and eliminate or reduce off-peak production for enterprises with high resource and environmental efficiency and low total emissions.Enterprises that achieve ultra-low emissions are encouraged to produce at a stable and full capacity on the premise of ensuring compliance with environmental management requirements and emission standards。
7. Give play to the leading and exemplary role of special funds
16.Increase support for ecological civilization construction demonstration zones and the creation of green civilization, give priority to financial support for areas that have won the national "two mountains" base and ecological civilization construction demonstration zones at or above the provincial level, and give financial rewards to units, communities, and schools that have won the title of provincial green civilization demonstration projects。
17.Support the implementation of ecological environmental protection projects in areas with continuously good environmental quality or high degree of improvement, and give priority to the project into the Central provincial environmental protection special fund support project database, and give priority to financial support;We will improve the upstream and downstream compensation system for water quality in river basins and the method of awarding and compensating air quality, and increase the amount of awarding and compensating for areas with consistently good environmental quality or high levels of improvement。
18.We will improve the policy of "replacing compensation with awards" and "promoting treatment with awards", and provide awards to enterprises and individuals who implement low-nitrogen combustion technology transformation of gas boilers, in-depth treatment of volatile organic compounds, and elimination of old high-emission vehicles, so as to guide enterprises to actively improve the level of pollution prevention and control。
8. Strengthen publicity and guidance on ecological and environmental policies
19.Through leadership interviews, policy answers, news reports, knowledge popularization and other forms, multi-level, multi-dimensional, regular publicity of ecological and environmental protection policies and measures。Actively disclose the ecological environment quality and the administrative decisions, implementation, management, services and results made by the ecological environment department, so as to provide enterprises and the masses with excellent ecological environment information services。
20.Strengthen public participation in environmental legislation, environmental policy and planning。Promote all kinds of environmental protection publicity and education, volunteer services and related public welfare activities, smooth the channels for supervision, complaints and reports of ecological and environmental violations, and protect citizens' rights to obtain environmental information, participate in and supervise environmental protection。